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MindLibrary - Library Management Software


Question: Is there any provision for maps, Journals, CD’s, Periodicals, etc. (Like the entire functions which are currently being performed manually in the Library?

Answer: Yes, these things will be incorporated at the time of implementation as per Customer requirement.

Question: Can we visit any school where this software this software is running?

Answer: We will be happy to arrange a visit with prior appointment at one of our several client locations. Please contact us for this service.

Question: Every school has same way of operating Library but each of them want a little customization according to them, So can we do that without charging any more money?

Answer: Yes, we shall customize it so that reports meet your requirement but No major changes.

Question: Why don’t you provide full school Automation software along with your Library Management System because before going for Library automation the school should be automated?

Answer: Yes, we can provide & integrate with our Mindinstitute for school Automation.

Question: What is the advantage of having a web based client?

Answer: A web enabled solution requires 0 installation effort on the local computer and if any changes are made in the software, they get reflected automatically at the client end without having to reinstall the software or upgrade it at every client machine. There is another advantage in having a web-enabled software, which has to do with Viruses and disk space. A web-enabled software is completely insulated from viruses and any local virus cannot affect the software. Additionally, a web-enabled software does not take any local disk space leaving it available for other applications and precious data.

Question: Why dose a school require Web Enabled application if they have only one branch all over India?

Answer: There are two reasons. The first is that the school will in the future want its students to have access from their homes. If software is web enabled and allows access to students from Internet Cafes and their homes it will be the right direction to go in. The second reason is that within the school also, many more computers will get added as time goes by and perhaps a day will come when each class will have its own computer. At this point, it will be very important that each of these computers can provide access to the library and that 0 or minimal administration is required to maintain the front end. The other advantages of having a web based client are also applicable which are written up in a different question before this one.

Question: Is it possible to customize the software?

Answer: Yes


Question: Is MindLibrary barcode compatible?

Answer: Yes

Question: Can you convert our existing data in MindLibrary?

Answer: Yes

Question: What will be the after Sales Support for your Software?

Answer: After Implementation all minor upgrades and patches if any will be provided free of cost for the first year. After first year you can buy annual maintenance for a small charge of 20% of the total cost of the software.

Question: What all is included in AMC?

Answer: Free monthly backups and restoration incase of system crash.
Free minor upgrades and patches if any
Any bugs will be fixed for free

Question: What are the system requirements for installing MindLibrary?

Answer: MINDLIBRARY can run on Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP, Linux, UNIX or any other system supporting Java Servlets and IIS or Apache web server.

Question : Why do you want so many software installed to run your software? (WIN NT, MS SQL IIS support, JSP support, TOMCAT, JDK)

Answer: Maximum software is Free of cost that can be downloaded from their site; you just have to buy Win NT and MS SQL

Question: Does MindLibrary work with Windows/Linux/Unix/Mac operating systems?

Answer: MindLibrary can be work on Windows/Linux/Unix/ Operating systems but currently it does not support Mac Operating system.

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