MindLibrary - Library Management Software


4-Year-old mature product

Close to 50 clients spread all over India
Clients include Defence, Delhi University & Top Private Schools
Established - 1993
Located in New Delhi, India
ISO 9001 certified since 1998
Current employee base of over 100 as of 2003.
Clients in over 8 different countries
Microsoft Gold Certified Partner in E-Commerce solutions since 2000
MindLibrary - Library Management Software
 Features of MindLibrary


MINDLIBRARY is a Library Management System used to provide the librarian and the library users an easy and intuitive way of managing and using the library. It is web enabled and the users and the librarian can access the system over the World Wide Web for performing all functions.

Library Features

  • International Level Software
  • Full Functionality
  • Easy to Use
  • Easy to Administrator
  • Local Support
  • Web Enabled for All Functionality
  • Easy to do Data Entry
  • UNIMARC and All other MARC Format Support
  • Unicode Support
  • AACR2 Compliant
  • Store and Access Book Data in Native Language
  • Photo Enabled Card less Library
  • Recent Arrivals
  • Search a Book by Title, Publisher, Author, and Accession No.
  • Reserve a book in advance

Technical Features

  • Intranet based
  • Can be hosted on a web server
  • XML is being used for data transmission
  • Based on 3 ties architecture
  • Data transmission is secure due to encryption of data using DES and MD5 encryption

Hardware Configuration


  • Pentium III / Pentium IV with at least 64MB / 128MB RAM CD Drive
  • Color Monitor
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Bar Code Scanner (Optional)


  • Atleast 486
  • Color Monitor
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Bar Code Scanner (Optional)

Software Configuration


  • WinNT 4.0 with service pack 4.0 and above OR WINDOWS 2000 Server
  • IIS support
  • JSP Support
  • JDK1.2


  • Linux or Windows 95 / 98 /2000 / ME/ XP WITH Internet Browser eg. Internet Explorer / Netscape

Facility for Third Party Software Implementation

If your Server is sent to our offices, there will be No Charge for Implementation of Third Party Software. (WINDOWS 2000, MS SQL, IIS Support).

Purely as a facility to you, if On Site Implementation is required by you, we will be charging a Flat Sum of a nominal amount (please contact us for details) for the service of installing Third Party Software.

Software Licensees (Third Party)

It is expected that you will provide the licensed copies of all Third Party Software. Mindmill will not be involved in providing any Software Licenses for Third Party Software.

Analysis, design, development & implementation of custom specified software projects
Send us your simple one-page requirement and we will give you a rough estimate. This can be followed by a more detailed requirements document at which stage we will give you a more accurate estimate.
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